Scheduling a live event
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To schedule a live event:

  1. Go to your Dashboard

  2. Click the “Create” button on the left-hand side below your name

  3. Choose a Title for your event

  4. Decide on the Date & Time

  5. Enter an event Description

  6. Choose a Category (optional)

  7. Add a Cover Photo and a Video Trailer

  8. Choose the Availability of your live event

  9. Choose the Visibility of your live event:

  • Your live event could be saved as a “Draft”

  • You can “Schedule” the event to appear on your profile at a specific time

  • You can “Publish” the event right away.

10. Click “Publish Event” (or “Save Draft” / “Schedule Event”)

11. If “Published,” your event is now public and available for purchase.

Published events are listed on your Profile page. We will also notify your followers via email (optional) and in-product notifications when they’re logged in.

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