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Going live: Essential resources
Going live: Essential resources
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Before you go live on Boon, we recommend reading the following:

💡Pro tips:

  • Remember to set up your payment account before scheduling live events

  • Live events can be scheduled in 15-minute increments

  • You’ll need a strong WiFi connection with at least 7.5 mbps in upload speed. (Hint: You can test yours via

  • Make sure you’re only connected to a single router or WiFi connection point. If you connect to more, your signal may switch between them and disturb the live stream.

  • You’ll want to press “Go Live” at either the exact moment you start the stream or a few seconds after. (Remember: You cannot go live before the scheduled time.)

  • There is an 8-10 second delay between you pressing “Go Live” and your audience seeing the stream.

  • When you’ve finished streaming, remember to press the “End Event” button on both your phone and computer, so you don’t accidentally share any ‘behind the scenes’ moments.

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