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Preparing your live streaming gear
Preparing your live streaming gear
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In practice, a smartphone with a camera is all you need to live stream on Boon!

That said, we recommend an external microphone for better sound quality and to have enough light when you film.

Here’s the gear and setup we recommend for live streaming:

  • Smartphones:

- iOS: iPhone X or newer. (We advise against using iPhone6 or older.)

- Android: High-end Android phone equivalent to an iPhone X.

  • Microphones: Cabled or wireless microphones compatible with your phone. We can recommend Røde Microphones. You may need an adapter.

  • Light: The more light, the better. It improves the video quality and lowers your Internet and hardware requirements. Make sure there are lamps pointed at you during the stream.

  • Tripod: Mount your smartphone (or camera) on a tripod to ensure a steady stream. Some tripods also allow you to easily change the angle during the live stream.

  • Internet: Upload speed should be at least 7.5 mbps (preferably around 10 mbps). Check your Internet speed at

  • Power: Always charge your phone before live streaming. If possible, keep it plugged during the live stream to prevent it from running out of battery. (This also helps with the quality of the live stream.)

  • OBS setup: If you’re using third-party software like OBS (Open Broadcast Software), we recommend the following settings:

- Bitrate: 5000 kbit/s

- Resolution: 1080p (1920x1080)

- Framerate: 30fps

- Keyframe interval: 2 seconds (or 60 frames)

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