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Paying for video content on Boon
Paying for video content on Boon
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As a Boon Member, you can access a variety of video content made by Boon Creators.

How much does it cost to watch video content?

The price for video content is set by the individual Creator. You’ll have to decide if it’s worth paying for. As an indication, the average membership price is currently 20 euros per month.

How do I pay to watch the videos?

Before you can pay, you’ll have to first sign up for a Boon Member account

Once you’re logged in, you can pay using any of the following methods:

  • Credit card

  • Apple Pay

  • Google Pay

After your purchase, we’ll send a confirmation to your email address.

For how long am I able to watch the videos?

If you purchase a pay-per-view ticket you'll have access to the video for as long as it's on the Creator profile. If you're signing up as a member then you'll have access for as long as you're a member and the video is on the Creator profile 😊
It's always the Creator who decides for how long the video will stay on the platform and they should therefore always state this in the video description and/or on their "about page".

Can I request a refund?

That depends on the individual Creator. It’s the Creator’s sole responsibility to deliver quality content and process any potential refunds.

Boon does not process refunds on behalf of the Creators. But we may issue refunds in the event of technical issues with the Boon platform.

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