Editing your profile page

Setup and edit your profile page

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(This article will help Boon Creators)

You can view and edit your Boon profile page at any time.

1. Viewing your profile page

To view your profile page, do the following:

  • Desktop: Click your profile picture in the right-hand sidebar

  • Mobile: Open the menu and click “Home”

2. Editing your profile page

You can always customize your profile page. To do so:

  1. Click your profile picture in the right-hand sidebar

  2. Go to “Settings/Profile

  3. Add a profile picture (minimum size 400x400px)

  4. Add a cover photo for your profile page (ideal dimensions are 1280x360px)

  5. Add your Creator name: This is the name your audience knows you by.

  6. Choose your profile URL: You will use this link to share your profile page on other channels. (Avoid special characters.)

  7. Use the “Bio” text to briefly describe yourself.

  8. Add your social media links (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Click “Add Linkand select the platform you’d like to add.

  9. Click “Save Changes” when you’re done.

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